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Rent An Extra Day...
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Rent An Extra Day...1/2 Price!


We are the future of Wedding Tents!
Elite Hex with (2) 20‘x 20’ Elites
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Welcome to Connecticut Tent Rentals – The Number one source for
graduations, weddings and backyard party tents!

With a variety of tents to choose from, our top of the line tent selection will have something for every type of party need. We have standard tents, which are perfect for backyard BBQ’s and birthday parties. We also have circus tents available that are great for graduation parties. Our most elegant looking tent is our elite tents, which are perfect for weddings or any other more elegant type of event. The design of all of our tents allows for optimum space and none of our tents have any center poles to that you can fill the tent to capacity. We also have the availability to set up the tents on pavement if needed, using water barrels, or on grass, using stakes. We also offer table and chair rentals. Be sure to ask about our packages! The tent rentals we provide in Enfield CT are affordable and functional for any event and will keep guests dry if it rains, or provide shade for those sunny days!

Table Linens
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JMS Tents

Standard Tents

Elite Tents

Circus Style Colored Tents

Seating Guide / Price Chart Click Here!Tent_Rental_Pricing_Seating_Chart_Party_Rentals_Enfield_CT_06082.htmlTent_Rental_Pricing_Seating_Chart_Party_Rentals_Enfield_CT_06082.htmlTent_Rental_Pricing_Seating_Chart_Party_Rentals_Enfield_CT_06082.htmlshapeimage_19_link_0shapeimage_19_link_1

Elite 20‘x 20’

Elite 20’x 40’

Elite 20’x 20’

JMS Tents

We can help with layout, planning and design

Elite 20’x 20’

The possibilities of the HEX are endless....

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Western MA Wedding Tents

Wedding Tent Professionals

Tent Rentals Somers CT


Table Linens
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Stacking Chairs

$1.49 with rental

6’ Rectangle Tables

$9.99 with rental

Folding Chairs

$1.49 with rental

60” Round Tables

$11.95 with rental

Cocktail Table $12.95

32 or 42 Inches High

Table Linens
Click Here for more info!file://localhost/Users/MacMini/Sites/Party%20Patrol%20Northampton%20MA/Party_Patrol_Northampton_MA/Linens_Tablecloths_Rentals_Northampton_MA_-_Party_Patrol_-_01060.htmlfile://localhost/Users/MacMini/Sites/Party%20Patrol%20Northampton%20MA/Party_Patrol_Northampton_MA/Linens_Tablecloths_Rentals_Northampton_MA_-_Party_Patrol_-_01060.htmlfile://localhost/Users/MacMini/Sites/Party%20Patrol%20Northampton%20MA/Party_Patrol_Northampton_MA/Linens_Tablecloths_Rentals_Northampton_MA_-_Party_Patrol_-_01060.htmlfile://localhost/Users/MacMini/Sites/bouncehouseandtentrentalbelchertownma/bouncehouseandtentrentalbelchertownma/Linen_Rentals_in_Belchertown_MA_-_01007.htmlshapeimage_33_link_0shapeimage_33_link_1shapeimage_33_link_2

Globe Lights


White Ice Chill Table


Table, Chair & Lighting Rentals

Elite Tent Sides

Standard Tent Sides

$35 per Side

$99 for 4 Sides

2 sides roll up.

Windows walls & window doors.

Our highbred wall system makes pulling back any side as easy
as a shower curtain.

Tent Rentals Pricing / Seating Chart